St Cuthbert’s
Catholic Primary School, Windermere
Welcoming All Faiths (Ages 3 to 11)

Head: Mr Peter Harrison

"Help one another.  This is what we do with all our hearts."


The Parent Friends Association (PFA) is a group of parents and staff who are dedicated to supporting the children through their period at St  Cuthbert’s. It was granted charitable status in 2009 and Gift Aid status in 2016. We support school events, parent evenings and school productions. We raise money to enhance the curriculum provision which is not available through the normal channels of funding. Please click here for the 2016 Trustees Report.

We do this in various ways; serving drinks and snacks at parent evenings and school productions, running a programme of successful social events to raise money, such as the annual Christmas Faye, Easter Raffle and much more. We are ALWAYS open to MORE IDEAS. We try at all occasions to create as much enjoyment for us all as possible while we endeavour to raise those much needed funds.

We know that everybody’s spare time is precious. You can help by being an ‘occasional helper’ when you can assist at PFA and school events.

If you just want to be an “occasional helper” for now, please give your contact details to into the school office, or just bring them with you to our next

committee meeting which will be advertised in the Friday Newsletter. Being part of the PFA is a great way to assist with your child’s and the

schools’ development through helping to provide much needed additional learning equipment and funds. Your involvement will keep you actively

involved in the school’s community and provides an opportunity to meet both parents and teachers!