St Cuthbert’s
Catholic Primary School, Windermere
Welcoming All Faiths (Ages 3 to 11)

Head: Mr Peter Harrison

"Help one another.  This is what we do with all our hearts."

Executive Headteacher

Mrs Sarah Tansey (Designated Safeguarding Officer & Teaching Head)

Mrs Gabrielle Murray - Head of School

Teaching Staff

EYFS: Nursery & Reception

Mrs Hartley (Class Teacher)

Mrs C Bell (Senior TA and 1:1)

KS2: Years 3 to 4

Mrs G Murray (Class Teacher)

Mrs Goldie (HLTA and 1:1)

Mrs J Pearson (TA)

KS2: Years 5 to 6
Mrs L Bone

Mr Harrison (Class Teacher)

Work experience members join us from:

Teaching Students from University of Cumbria & Work Placements from Kendal College

Support Staff

School Secretary/Business manager:  Mrs C Stephens

Cleaner in charge:  Cumbria Contract Services – Orian colleague

Lunchtime Supervisors:  Mrs Kuzik / Mrs Pearson

Kitchen Staff:  Cumbria Catering Services – Ashleigh (Orian colleague)

Mr Moorhead - Specialist Teacher - Physical Education

Graeme Blair - Westmorland FC (coach)

Sarah Barkway - Music specialist, Cumbria Music Services

KS1: Year 1 & 2

Mrs C Tetchner (Class Teacher/Deputy safeguarding officer)

Mrs C Bell (Senior TA)

Mrs J Pearson (TA)